Unique Luau Party Outfit Ideas, Don’t Miss No. 3

Post on January 13,19

So you’ve received a luau party invitation and there is that luau party outfit written as the dress code. For sure, you will automatically think about any outfit that can go on with the dress code. In addition to that Hawaiian-print shirt and Hawaiian grass skirt that can be easily found in any party supply store, there are actually some other creative ideas that you can take into consideration.

If you are seeking for unique and extraordinary outfit to attend the luau party, this following is some creative inspirations that will make you appear differently in a luau party.

Extraordinary Outfit Ideas for Luau Party

  1. Clothes made of tropical leaves

For an alternative of the usual grass skirt, you can try to search for broad-leafed tropical plants around you and then make a DIY project with the leaves. You can go for cannas and elephant ears for this project.

To make the clothes, you can simply attach the leaves to a waistband or tie with stapler, loose stitch or any other tools that can do it. Before you wear it, just remember that you need to wear something underneath such as shorts or skirt.

1. Dress like Elvis

It’s no secret that Elvis Presley visited Hawaiian Islands for many times, but his worldwide concert in 1973 is surely memorable for many people. Here, Elvis performed with an outfit that has been copied by a lot of Elvis impersonator. Yeah, this is the white jumpsuit!

For your luau party, you can also consider dressing like Elvis Presley. Then, you shouldn’t forget to wear several flowery leis as well as a pair of sunglasses. There is no doubt that you will look so extraordinary with the outfit.

2. Coconut bra

Instead of opting for seashell bra like the one Ariel wears in The Little Mermaid, you can go for coconut bra. It is as simple as it is called. Dry and clean coconuts which are strung together and designed into fashion item will make your appearance extraordinary.

This bathing suit top is possible to be worn by any age and even any gender. Regarding on the crowds, it is good for you to be prepared for jokes that ask you whether the coconut is real or not. It will be fun and unique somehow.

Recommended Accessories to Wear for Luau Party

Then, there are also some accessories that you can wear to make your appearance look even better. For instance, there are Hawaiian leis which are a must for a luau party. You can consider bringing the one plastic made or natural made.

Moreover, instead of wearing high heels or booties, go for flip-flops. To make it unique, you can dress up the flip-flops using tropical tchotchkes such as parrots, flowers or monkeys. Flip-flops are just easy to slip on and off and they are inexpensive as well.


Final Thoughts

Now, choose one of the items on the list of luau party outfit ideas above and wear it for your fun luau party. Don’t forget to bring some accessories too to enhance your appearance. Have fun!

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